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Welcome to K’mo Guitars
Every handmade K’mo guitar is built entirely in our workshop in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg. Precise and efficient build processes are combined with selected woods and careful craftsmanship in order to create a simple, affordable and reliable tool for both working musicians and enthusiasts.
We see guitars as precision tone tools.
Tone, playability and reliability are what it’s all about.
We’re not into lawyers guitars or collectors items but into workhorses that carry you all the way through the show and way beyond.
To make this possible, we reached out to our customers and with their most frequent requests, created a line of standard models with limited yet familiar options like colour and pickup combinations.

A guitar is always just as good as the pickups that are used.
The pickups are the heart of the tonal transfer between the guitar and the amplifier.
In order to control every aspect of the K’mo trademark clarity we’re winding our own pickups in house.
That way we can tune all coils according to the different pickup combinations and provide you with a perfectly matched set of pickups. Pickup sets are also available separately.


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