Introducing the Berlin, where tradition meets innovation. Inspired by the earliest guitar designs, this instrument seamlessly blends classic shapes into a refreshing, straight design that pays homage to the roots of rock ‘n’ roll. The Berlin features a set neck construction and a Tele-style bridge for a harmonious balance of punch and twang, while the 635mm scale ensures effortless playability and a rich midrange. Handcrafted in Berlin, the city of its birth and our hometown, using your choice of lightweight swamp ash or chambered mahogany/korina with a maple top, this guitar is a visual and sonic masterpiece. Customize your sound with matched humbuckers or a P90 neck pickup for flawless tonal balance.

In addition, for those seeking even more personalized options, we’re pleased to offer different bridges and bridge pickups upon request. We take pride in our in-house craftsmanship, including custom-wound pickups that perfectly complement this exceptional instrument. Discover the Berlin and experience the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, offering extraordinary clarity in tone.